Startup funding: open now

Startup funding: EU grants for Bulgarian startups available

For first time in Bulgaria: EU funding for startups

A new opportunity for your startup is open now: EU funds for innovations in startup organizations. Startups can submit their product or production process innovation projects for funding evaluation not later than 5 May 2016.

Important to know:

– Your startup should be incorporated not earlier than 1 January 2014
– Your innovation can be up to 90% funded by this EU program and you can apply for up to EUR 200 000
– You have 24 months to develop your innovation once approved by the governing body

The procedure ‘Support for innovation development by startups’ will fund projects leading to development of new product or process in the priority areas of the Innovation strategy for smart specialisation:

• Mechatronics and clean technologies
• Informatics and ICT
• Industry for healthy life and biotechnology
• New technologies in creative and recreation industry

Accepted for funding expenses include research related to development of the new product/service or process, obtaining and implementation of scientific research results, intellectual rights, prototypes, testing and evaluation of the innovation.

How can we help you:

MVP Marketing can support you through your innovation process with market research and analysis, marketing planning, complete communication and dissemination strategy. Expenses on the above mentioned services are considered accepted for EU funding support. We can also support you with a comprehensive marketing strategy for your new product/process and its further development and promotion.

For detailed information and consultation, please contact us @ +359 885 501224 or